Tuesday, November 26, 2002

It Ain't Fair!

It just isn't fair the way all the babies have said, "Da da da da da!" after all the time I put in with them. In all decency they should be saying, "Ma ma ma ma ma!"

Monday, November 25, 2002

I'm Fed Up...

...with the amount of time that I am tied to this stupid computer. And it doesn't appear that the load is going to lessen any time soon.

Saturday, November 23, 2002

True Beauty

The most beautiful thing in the world is sound doctrine married to warm affection for God and man.

Love has been on my mind a lot lately. Namely the love of God for His children. It blows my mind.

I am becoming convinced more and more that when we really and truly grasp the love of God in Christ for us, that contentment, no matter what life throws at us, will be the result. Sad and tragic providences are merely reminders that our happiness in life is not to be found in anything but Christ. They are also the means that God uses to wean us from this world and to set our affections above.

Thursday, November 21, 2002


I finished my annual "Christmass -- Bah Humbug" post ala RPW stuff on one of my lists. I am also getting the now typical response of, "Have you read Steve Schlissel's article on the topic?" Yes I have. Several times. And remained unconvinced that Rev. Schlissel has stumbled upon a new, improved one over what the Westminster Divines believed. I have reached the point with most lists I am on of just letting stuff like this go by. But since I happen to own this particular list, I feel somewhat obligated not to let the pervading Christmass spirit go unchallenged in the name of truth. And that sounds rather pretentious I am sure.

I get tired of the dissension. Tired of the schism and lack of like-mindedness that can quickly degenerates to small-mindedness and sniping. I am a postmillenialist and that means that I believe the time will come when God's glory will fill the earth and all nations will serve the Lord. But I am absolutely sure that when it happens, it will be a sovereign act of God that causes such unity. This period of disharmony in the Church is, I think, God allowing us to try and argue, compromise, tolerate, and debate our way into unity with the dismal results we see. In the end, the glory will all be the Lord's when it happens.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

There's No Place Like Home, Toto

I just got back the day before yesterday from visiting friends in Alabama and Georgia.

You know something? Despite the fact that there is virtually a church on every corner in the South, it appears to me that many people have actually been inoculated against Christianity and that college football is a bigger draw than Christ. I spoke to some Christians who were willing to miss church on Sunday because they had been up late the night before at a football game and post game party. They were part of a very large group of people who do this. Of course, I didn't meet everyone in Alabama, so maybe I am being unfair.

Some other observations -- it doesn't appear that 9/11 did much to humble Americans and cause them to repent. There was a definite arrogant and swaggering tone to the newscasts that dealt with an impending war with Iraq. Some people whom I questioned about this responded, "We trust President Bush." I'm with Frank on this one (I think) -- war with Iraq would be nothing less than corporate murder by the US.

I was totally shocked at the food prices! In Canada, I can buy a fresh bunch of radishes for 39 cents CANADIAN. The same bunch cost 99 cents in the US! A single lemon was 99 cents compared to the 32 cents I pay. How in the world do you folks manage to feed your families? And without gardens no less! Those in Alabama could easily grow food year round but I didn't see anyone doing any significant gardening, at least not in Montgomery. Most of our fresh produce in the winter comes from California, so when you factor in transport, and exchange rate, I am really and truly puzzled why you folks have to pay so much when you are so close to the source of the food.

On a more positive note -- southern hospitality is not an empty phrase. Everywhere I went I was greeted with smiles and friendliness, from complete strangers. One fast food joint I went into, the staff kept smiling at me, even after I had made my purchase and was moving away from them. And when I looked back, they smiled again when I caught their eye.

I also found the brick homes and buildings to be very charming and comfortable looking. The little subdivisions of brick homes were so attractive, especially when compared to what we have in our subdivisions in Canada. Canadians just don't have the knack of building attractive and cute homes like the Americans do.

Overall, I had a wonderful time while there, but there is no place like home, Toto.

Friday, November 08, 2002

Fashionable Mama

On Monday, Elodie and I fly down to Alabama, leaving dh in charge of the household of 9 children. I am both looking forward to and dreading this. Will Garnet be okay with mama gone? Will the house be standing when I return? Will Marc have any hair left?

One consideration when travelling is finding something suitable to wear on the airplane. I have settled on nylon track pants. The kind that cost about $70 on sale. The kind I found BRAND SPANKING NEW at a second hand shop in my size for only $7! Yipee! I even found a jacket to match. On top I am Adidas, and on the bottom a Nike swhoosh and a white t shirt underneath. Reason for this ensemble? You need something that baby barf wipes off easily.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002


I did the grocery shopping today and didn't buy anything extravagant. Just basic foodstuff like meat and veggies. I can't even bring myself to type what the total was when I added all the bills together. And I will count myself blessed if we manage to make it all the way through to next week without having to buy anything additional.It is a hard job to feed a family stuff you know is good for them without resorting to cheaper but destructive foods like pasta and lots of bread.

After I figured out how bad the damage was, I sat all the children down and told them the figure for what it cost us this week to feed them. I impressed upon them that because of the cost of feeding them, the least they could do for their father and I was to cooperate with us in not wasting the food, and to not grumble over chores or do them sloppily. I guess it is too much to expect children to feel gratitude towards their parents for feeding and housing them while they are growing up, but I think it is a good thing to try and instill in them for what they receive and so often take for granted.
Everybody's Doing It, So...

...I will too. Googlisms, that is.

Some of my favorites:

cheryl is new mtv babe [huh?]
cheryl is a wife [got that one right]
cheryl is one of the few people that can take a disaster and turn it into a funny song [well, maybe a story]
cheryl is wonderful [very true]
cheryl is currently completing her phd in natural health [don't I wish!]
cheryl is a favorite with audiences who rave [this is hopeful thinking about the seminar I am doing in a week]
cheryl is now back in action at a new local stable [as the Brood Woman]
cheryl is his only hope and love that keeps him going [I better be!]
cheryl is 36 [heheheheh]
cheryl is as comfortable performing in a small intimate setting as she is outdoors or in large concert halls
cheryl is an artist of great talent and
cheryl is also a compassionate and powerful healer [all very true. Trust me.]
cheryl is all natural and intends to stay that way
cheryl is a very sharp and accomplished crown prosecutor [according to my children]
cheryl is a bodyguard whose latest assignment becomes a death trap when she crosses paths with a deadly hit man known only as the owl [it's tough being a parent to some of these kids]
cheryl is 51 [no I am NOT!]
cheryl is cute [but of course, dahling!]
Better than Chocolate...

...but just as addictive, is my baby Elodie. [croon it as you say it.]

Any mothers reading this will know what I mean when I say I get an endorphin rush when she comes into view. And better yet, she is non-caloric and doesn't mess with my bloodsugar levels!

Going for another rush...
Proverbs, Assurance of Salvation and Progress in Sanctification

There are some interesting things happening in me. Things that I know are not of me, but rather, are evidence of the Holy Spirit's work in my life.

Last night for family worship, the children and I listened to a tape from Dr. Bahnsen on Proverbs 3:11,12: "My son, do not despise the chastening of the LORD. Nor detest his correction; for whom the LORD loves he corrects, just as a father the son in whom he delights." I realized as I listened to the sermon that I am truly grateful for the trials that I was brought through in the past three years. It was as though God was spanking me and telling me, "Okay Cheryl, time to grow up."

Here is some of the peaceable fruit of righteousness that has been wrought in me as a result: I used to struggle all the time with assurance of salvation. But I KNOW that I am Christ's now! I could kiss the rod that has been the means of my correction. I love fellowshipping with the saints. God's Word is precious to me. Some of this use to be doubtful, but no more. I also believe the promises of God more fully. This makes me pray with confidence. Last night after we listened to the sermon, I closed in prayer, full of confidence that God would use the means and make them effectual in the life of my children and family. My faith is not so much in the promises, but in seeing beyond them to the Promiser. The promises of God are becoming as real to me as my hands.

Is this something that Cheryl can take the glory for? No way! I know what I am. I know what I am capable of -- nothing, or nothing good. This is all of God and this unprofitable servant gives Him all the glory.

Monday, November 04, 2002


Today I did something that I never thought I would ever be able to do -- I walked boldly into the den of lions known as the Ministry for Children and the Family -- in other words, SOCIAL WORKERS. I had to take Cole, the young runaway, in to see a social worker so she could ascertain where he is at.

Time was when I would have cringed at the thought of being any where near a social worker's office. When the social workers showed up on my doorstep three years ago to investigate our family for abuse, it was my worst nightmare come true. One hears of terrible tales of children wrenched from the arms of their parents, not to be returned until they had undergone considerable damage from foster homes. But the trial that we underwent three years ago did something for me that I never thought would happen. It gave me confidence and trust in God. I saw the faithfulness of God in action in my life and that of my family and now I can look back and give God thanks for that experience.

And so, I walked into that office with nary a thought of fear or trembling because I KNOW God can take care of me and mine.


Some days I really enjoy reading the blogs of the younger set and other days I find it downright irritating. Today is one of those irritating days. What really bugs me is the pretension that young people bring to doctrine -- like they figured it all out and us old duffers are just going through the non-motions of a dead orthodoxy.

But...[sigh] I used to be like that too.

Sunday, November 03, 2002

Real Mother

I can't think of anything sweeter or more satisfying to this mother's heart than seeing my baby asleep in my arms, drunk on milk I provided. Unless, of course, it is seeing the way her eyes light up when she sees me coming, as though the sun and moon rise and set by me.