Thursday, May 15, 2003

Gruesome Twosome
Princess Elodie has morphed into Destructo Chick now that she is ambulatory. It is amazing how quickly she can trash a room. But she really shines when she is joined by her partner in crime and niece, Keiannah, my 21 month old granddaughter.

EEEEK! [what was that crash I just heard in the background?]
Good to Go

I received the official word last night from my presbytery -- I can now resume building my practice as a kinesionics practitioner.

My career was halted in its tracks because some in my church were feeling decidedly nervous about my chosen calling. A fifteen minute search on the Internet had turned up several articles from Christian "heresy hunters" who claimed that energy therapy of any kind was a form of the occult arts. Red flags were waved and so things came to a screeching halt while I prepared a paper for my elders on the theory that lies behind most energy therapies and a positive position that demonstrated that this was indeed a lawful form of therapy (though one that hasn't received the "validation" of triple blind, peer-reviewed clinical trials).

Just a few comments on this whole episode. First, many Christians fall into the genetic fallacy trap. I happened to read a few articles on one prominent "psycho heresy" website that in a number of articles condemned various practices because they had their origins in non-Christian cultures. This would be like saying we must not drive cars because someone discovered that Henry Ford was a Satanist. (He wasn't, as far as I know.) This mindset implicitly denies common grace. It seems to believe that the only people who can make discoveries or contribute to progress are Christians. But God has revealed much in general revelation through many non-Christians.

Secondly, I found the whole trial to be rather annoying at times, but ultimately for my good. Because of the research I had to do, I now have a far better understanding of how things work and why. Not only that, I can see the overlap between various schools of healing and can see where they either do the same things in a different way, or complement one another.

It hasn't quite sunk in yet that I am now free of the dreadful burden of being accused of practicing occult arts. But I do know that it is great relief to be able to pursue my studies free from this encumberance.

If there is enough interest in this post, I may publish bits and pieces about energy therapies in general. I'm probably a real anomaly in this field -- a die-hard Calvinistic, Presbyterian Covenanter who does things normally associated with being done only by New Agers.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

SARS Insanity

I read a lot of stuff on things medical in both allopathic medicine and alternative medicine fields. One of the big stories that is currently in the news concerns the outbreak of SARS and all the hoopla over corona viruses that may cause it. After reading the articles on SARS that are in the newspapers, I have the feeling of deja vu all over again. SARS is getting treated in the same manner as AIDS.

AIDS, as you will no doubt remember, is supposedly caused by HIV. This is despite the fact that AIDS as a disease does not follow Koch's Postulates. "What are Koch's Postulates?" Glad you asked.

1. The specific organism should be shown to be present in all cases of animals suffering from a specific disease but should not be found in healthy animals.

2. The specific microorganism should be isolated from the diseased animal and grown in pure culture on artificial laboratory media.

3. This freshly isolated microorganism, when inoculated into a healthy laboratory animal, should cause the same disease seen in the original animal.

4. The microorganism should be reisolated in pure culture from the experimental infection.

Now if AIDS is caused by HIV, we should find HIV in everyone who has AIDS. But this is precisely what is not found. And not only that, not everyone who is diagnosed with HIV goes on to develop full blown AIDS unless they are foolish enough to start standard toxic drug treatments, which incidentally, destroy the immune system.

There is much I could say on AIDS, but to save us all time, I refer you to Dr. Peter Duesberg's website.

Mass hysteria is being propagated around SARS. Influenza kills far more people than SARS does. And strangely enough, SARS seems to be killing the people who are getting treated for it in hospital. SARS appears to be another case of scare mongering on the parts of the drug pushers.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Queen of the Mudroom

We have a mudroom that, in spring and after a rain storm, is well named. This room, in addition to being the catchment for boots, shoes, coats, etc., is also our laundry room. Until recently, this room, the entry way into our home, was a source of great shame and disgrace because the untidy mess was the first thing that assaulted the eyes of every visitor who came to see us. Well no more! The Queen of the Mudroom has arrived.

I got tired of getting my laundry back inside out, discolored and stained, and grey. That, combined with the fact that one of the older children is now working outside the home means that I have to pick up the slack in yet another area. Generally, the children each have one chore a day that they are responsible for before rotating to a new one on the following day. This gives them training in all areas of caretaking of a home without overtaxing them or loading them down with work. But laundry was something that none of them could/would do to my satisfaction.

Now, to my great joy, my laundry is sorted properly, stains are treated properly, and everything is organized. I gain great satisfaction in seeing things neatly folded and placed in the appropriate laundry basket for dispersal to the proper owners. And my mudroom sparkles at all times. The children are learning that now that the Queen reigns supreme, they durst not leave muddy boots and shoes here and there or neglect to hang up their coats properly.

Long live the Queen!
My, How Things Change.

Three years ago my eldest girls were telling all and sundry what an awful mother I was. Now one of them is trying to get me to be the community model for "Mother of the Year" in our local newspaper.

Funny how growing up, getting married, and having a baby can change things.