Monday, October 27, 2003

They're Gone! :-(

I just arrived home from taking my parents to the airport. Who knows when I shall see them again? [sob]

This visit has been the best visit I have ever had with them since leaving home. I think part of the reason for this is the fact that for the first time I haven't felt a need to prove anything to anyone. When I was young, I did (and failed miserably). Life has beat a lot of the baloney out of me and, I hope, humbled me. Humility as a way of living is much more comfortable and less energy consuming than trying to maintain the facade of having your act together. And having nine kids at home who regularly expose my many faults and weaknesses does a lot to prevent me from trying to put on the dog in front of anyone anymore.

Some things I discovered from this visit:

~You are never too old to want your Mommy and Daddy.

~ I am very blessed in having parents that I genuinely like and admire. There are a lot of unlikeable duds out there in the world, and many of them are parents. I am happy to say that neither of my parents are duds. Both of them are personable, sociable beings who live with integrity. Although I have some doctrinal differences with my Dad, his love of the Lord and his desire to share the Gospel is very evident. My mother is one of the classiest ladies that I know. I am so happy that we had time for several good heart-to-hearts.

~I had no idea how much fun it can be to have the whole family together and listen to my older kids share stories and reminisce about the things they used to do when they were really little.

My kitchen table was transformed from an old, battered, piece of junk into a priceless (to us) family heirloom when everyone, including Grammy and Grampy, carved their names and the date into the paint of the tabletop. Grammy and Grampy also had their height measured and recorded on the family measuring wall, and the date duly inscribed in permanent marker for all to see. Thankfully, we were able to buy a digital camera before the end of the visit and record not only some nice photos, but even some video with sound.

It was a good visit.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Time Flies!
Wow, I guess it has been a while since I posted. Blame it on my company. I had a very dear friend (Queen Willy) visiting me at the end of September/beginning of October. Then a few weeks later, my parents have arrived for a visit as well, and are currently with me even as I type. I don't even want to think about when they are leaving (sniff)!

It is at times like these that I wish I had the gifts and abilities for writing and chronicling my life's events like Queen Willy. So much has happened or been experienced in the last little while, but I don't have the time or patience to do more than write about the highlights of it.

First of all, thanks to Sora, I have re-visted the Writing Road to Reading and am seeing a dramatic improvement in the spelling/composition skills of my offspring.

My really, really, really big news is the fact that, Lord willing, all my children will be baptized on the Lord's Day, October 26, and I will finally be a communicant member of my church and able to feast upon the Lord at His Table for the first time in about 10 years. I have longed for this day for so long and now that it is here, I can hardly take it all in. This week is being spent in preparing for the Table during private worship time and it has proven to be a time of great enjoyment. I am thrilled beyond measure over the fact that my parents will be here to see their grandchildren added to the membership of the visible church as well.

Speaking of my parents, it has been such a blessing to have them here. I always thought I had very good parents, but I have realized afresh what a blessing it is to have parents who know and love the Lord. Sharing one's life takes on a new depth when you can share not only the details of everyday life, but the deeper levels of faith in Christ, and know it is known, understood, and shared. God has been so merciful to me in this regard and I cannot praise and thank Him enough.