Thursday, October 14, 2004


Where my interior landscape was once a lush river valley full of forests and well watered orchards, it now more closely resembles a barren wasteland. I need a break in order to restore it. You can only draw something out of yourself if there is something in there to draw from and lately I have been feeling like a dry well with little to give. Samantha gave a succinct definition for what I intend to do in the next little while:

Cybernation: n. a withdrawl from the internet for a period of time; most often signaled by a lack of blogging or commenting on message boards, also lack of email correspondence; length of cybernation varies, depending on the cause of cybernating, ranging from days to months (seldom years); is generally cyclical and temporary in nature v. to cybernate, cybernating

I intend to spend the next little while concentrating on the homeschool, reading theology, literature, and interesting biographies, exploring art, and just kicking back. I need some downtime with as little pressure as possible and this is just one area that is going to be cut. In this way I hope to rejuvenate my inner person. Some good hormone supplements would also help. :oP

Ciao for now, people.

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