Saturday, December 25, 2004

The Family is Growing and I am Rambling

Yesterday we had all the kids together for the first time in a year and a half. Today I learned that my eldest daughter has become engaged. Our tribe is increasing.

Next month, Lord willing, I will be a grandmother again with a grandson due at the end of January. Then in June, another aunt or uncle for the new grandchild will make an appearance. I must say it feels strange to be a new grandmother and mother at the same time. Again!

New Ramble

As I get older I see more and more the importance of not trying to control everything, mainly because it is a fruitless and impossible task. I have come to see that trying to take control of everyone and everything is a manifestation of faithlessness and doubt. Besides, who am I kidding? I'm not infinite in knowledge or power and we all know it. It's much better to just rest in the sovereignty of God because His wisdom, knowledge, and power are infinite. Do I believe that all things work for my good and His greater glory? Then I had better act like it and stop fretting and just ask for what I know to be according to the revealed will of God and leave it with Him to act in the ways he deems best.

It never fails to amaze me how the Lord often increases our faith when we begin to act like He is really telling the truth about life. If all things work together for the good of the elect, then believing this despite the circumstances, transforms everything into something that is redeemed and redeemable. In family worship we are reading through the terrible stories of David's adultery and the subsequent incest and murder that takes place between his children. These stories are heartbreaking, but at the same time of great comfort to me personally. David was and is a great man of God, but even a saint can fall far short of God's revealed will and yet still be saved in the end. David's sin gave birth to some tremendously comforting psalms and they show us that no matter how far the fall, God's grace extends even more.

I identify with some of David's weaknesses as a parent because I see them in myself. At the same time, I know that he probably brought his children to the tabernacle of the Lord and showed them over and over a good example of what to do when you fall. Humbling yourself before the Lord, confessing and repenting of your sin, and taking your licks are all good lessons that we pitiful humans need to learn and often relearn. If we fall into sin ourselves, this is a good thing to model for our children as well. God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. And those who cover their sins in shame in an effort to present a proud and perfect face to the world do not prosper. Those who confess their sin and turn from them, however, find mercy.

Switch Gears

One of the things that the kids and I have been doing lately is watching a series of videos that a friend sent to us. They are called The Way of the Master, and it is a Biblical evangelism series. I have to say that I highly recommend this series because it is the best and quickest presentation of the Gospel that I have ever seen. Gospel presentations should always start with the Law of God because they show a sinner the fact that they are a sinner and that God's wrath is abiding on them. Then and only then should you show them the grace offered in the sacrifice of Christ. Those who are sick know they need a doctor. Likewise, those who see they are sinners need a Savior. One caveat -- for the five point Calvinist, you should be aware that those who produced the series appear to be four pointers. If you can overlook this, you will learn an effective way of sharing the Gospel in an engaging way in just a few minutes.

Well laundry mountain awaits and there are things to prepare for the Lord's Day. I'll leave you with a few photos of my clan, taken yesterday.

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