Tuesday, September 27, 2005

This is It.

This week I am going for a check up with Cal, my mentor, teacher, friend, and main healthcare provider. My thyroid and metabolism has done its usual postpartum flop, so I need to get on some stuff to crank it back up again so I can begin to lose the postpartum weight I have accumulated since Jamsie was born. My hair is coming out almost by the handful at the moment, and although my energy is fairly good, I still need to get with the program.

Accordingly, I shall be starting a new program for health this week. It is a combination of the Total Health program by Dr. Mercola, and Paul Chek's Eat, Move and Be Healthy approach to healthy living. I have long wanted a systematic approach to diet and exercise, and on Dr. Mercola's recommendation decided to check out Chek's way of doing things. I have the book from the library and will be purchasing my own copy now that I have had a chance to look it over.

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