Saturday, April 22, 2006

Are Prairie Muffins Making a Comeback?

I should be cleaning my office and bedroom right now, but I had to stop and write a few lines after reading today's newspaper with my lunch. There was a prominent article in the business/career opportunity section of the newspaper and the title reads, "Women vanishing from the job market."

The article basically outlines the declining rates of women in the workforce -- a trend that began back in the 90's and has continued. Alberta, arguably the richest province in Canada because of the oil boom, has the lowest unemployment rate, and the highest number of women leaving the workforce. This has analysts scratching their heads. Is it because there isn't as robust a childcare industry as other parts of the country, or is it because women are opting for personal interests and raising their own children?

One analyst believes that the demands on employees has "become toxic" and therefore the workplace is less attractive for women who find greater delight in thier children. This has some people worried because the workforce is shrinking at a time when the baby boom generation is beginning to retire. More retirees and less workers places a strain on social income sources, doncha know.

Are we beginning to see a backlash against the feminist trend to "dump the children on someone else and let's all be men" trend of yesteryear? Let's hope so.


Anonymous said...

It's really too bad that we (women) can't just support the decisions that each one of us make in regards to child rearing. I begin to wonder if it's not a patriarchal conspiracy to divide and conquer women? I stayed home with my five children when they were young until the youngest was nearly in school and then went work on a casual basis. However, some of my friends chose to work and their children, now adults, are healthy and happy as are mine. My daughter has not yet decided what to do after her maternity leave runs out. Whatever she decides, I will support.

RebeccaJ said...

If we all have a few more children, we won't need women to work right?

And I think that the ugliest side to this is the feminist agenda that would like to eliminate our right as women to stay home with our children. Although I think home is best, it really isn't always for everyone, and certainly nobody would advocate a woman to stay home who didn't want to!

Anonymous said...

The feminists are fuming about this too and the women who think they are feminists but choose home are scratching their heads because they can't figure out why. Hmm... because feminism is the ultimate form of misogyny.

With regards to the previous commentors... home vs. work is not just a choice for women. It is about obediance to God. If we love God we will obey Him, and He commands women to be keepers (managers) of their homes. The idea that we can base our choices off of the outcomes of others choices rather than the clear commands of scriptures is ignorant at best and considering God gave men command over their own households, the rule of the patriarch is clearly established in scripture.


Anonymous said...

Some people can be so ignorant...what if working IS what is required for the woman to be a keeper of her household. Sometimes the woman working is what is needed, yet the ones that do work get all sorts of flack about how she is doing her children a horrible injustice. Nowhere in scripure does it say that a woman is not supposed to work, in fact look it up Proverbs 31 sounds to me like that woman does it all, heck she is a business woman even, and she doesn't just dabble in one thing, she does it all, and well!

Anonymous said...

Amen! to anonymous.

silivreniel said...

i want to be a prairie muffin...right now i am single and working--but i would give it all up if God would send me a husband! i have dreamed of getting married my entire life, and i have been naming hypothetical children since i was about 12...i am about to enter a doctoral program and turn thirty, and so far, no husband! it is so hard to wait patiently for him, too. my best friend was always a "career girl"--that is, until she got married four years ago...then she wanted a baby, and she got twins. now she is a full-time, stay-at-home mom who is reveling in being a mommy...and i want that, too! even being a professional, educated woman, i know home with my family is where i would be, if i had one!