Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Day 2

Yes, I walked again today. Then I went to the chiropracters. Again. He still hadn't fixed my hip properly and it was still giving me pepper but things are better now. The rest of the day was spent walking all over various stores buying groceries, fencing for pigs, and assorted items. So much for activity.

Eating: I had a bagel for breakfast. And an iced cappacino from Tim Hortons. Sounds low cal and healthy right? Not. However, the day wasn't a dead loss. In addition to drinking water and cranberry water, I had pork souvlaki and salad for supper. Wasn't hungry for lunch so I didn't remember to eat and I was still out doing stuff anyway. Maybe I'll have a grapefruit before I go to bed. Maybe I'll finish capping all my herbs so I can get back on that regime again.

In other news, I have not got a thing done with regard to housecleaning. Maybe I should just forget the pig fence and invite the pigs in here.

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Mom said...

Cheryl Ann, you DON'T clean before your company comes...you clean AFTER they leave. That makes more sense to me; however, I'm fretting a little myself trying to get things tidied up before Myrna comes and also the Castellons who will be living downstairs in the basement for the summer. But I'm not going to get into a frenzy over it. My biggest concern is the office. Your father doesn't like to throw anything away. Regarding your diet, DON'T starve yourself. You need nourishment for energy. Just watch what you eat...try giving up butter, sour cream, desserts, cheese etc. and it will make a difference. When we go out to PG, we will go for walks together.