Friday, December 31, 2010

Why "Deformed" Musings?

I realized after I just posted on Face Book that I might end up with some new readers who might be wondering why I called my blog , "Deformed Musings."  Here's the story:

When I first started up this blog, I was in a Presbyterian micro denomination called the Reformed Presbytery of North America.  I was trying to self consciously think and express myself from a Covenanted Presbyterian Christian worldview, so I called my blog, "Reformed Musings."  If you go back far enough in the history to 2006, you will see how this eventually all unravelled ending with my excommunication (along with my entire local congregation) and my disenchantment with reformed churches.  Hence the name change.  I was feeling a bit cynical at the time.

When I think back to the amount of fear, angst, and emotional turmoil that I lived in around this time, it is like reading the story of someone I knew but who no longer exists.  It's like it happened to someone else.  Except I probably won't be darkening the doors of a reformed church any time soon.  I still have a number of triggers that need to be disabled and in time I will get to all of them.  In the meantime, the name will remain until I can think up something I like better and which is more indicative of where I really am and want to be.

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