Monday, March 20, 2006

Herbs! Herbs! Herbs!

Nothing tickles the heart of a frugal mother in search of natural health remedies like getting a shipment of incredibly reasonably priced herbs.

Marc picked up my first substantial shipment of bulk herbs today. I ordered 54 different herbs in the amount of one or two ounces each -- some for samples and some for current use. Prices ranged from a high of $5. 93 per ounce to a low of $.39 an ounce. Including shipping and tax, I spent a total of $121.07. If I had done this with my normal supplier it would have been several hundred percents in excess of this!

What this means is that not only can I afford to put all my kids on herbs, it also means that many of the families which I serve will be able to treat their entire family with herbs as well. Before the prohibitive (though still relatively inexpensive cost) meant that only one child or family member could be treated.

For Canadians who are looking for an inexpensive source of high quality herbs, check out Biofilia's website. Americans might be able to get these wonderful prices as well, though it is more of a risk when shipping across the border. Email Grant at and ask for the current price list. Tell him Cheryl sent you.

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