Wednesday, February 21, 2007


To all current and past members of the RPNA (GM) or (whatever you want to call it )-- I DO NOT want to have emails, phone calls, or contact concerning anything to do with the RPNA, your/their take on covenanter doctrines, more condemnation, more scolding, rebukes, recriminations, complaints, or being told that I and my children are given over to Satan and that we are all on our way to hell, and that I am an unfaithful wife, mother, Christian, human being. I have news for you --- we are all unfaithful. Salvation is based on grace alone by faith alone in Christ alone, not on your or my purported faithfulness, knowledge, doctrinal purity, church affiliation, method of baptism, etc., etc.,

There is nothing worse than Calvinists who don't get grace.


Anonymous said...

Nothing like being kicked in the teeth to make you want to run back to somebody eh. Man I am glad you are out of that "church".

Anonymous said...

comment enabler huh...were you afraid what I would put would be to harsh for the "RPNA"??

Cheryl said...

I just want to moderate comments from rude people so that no one else has to suffer.

Joyce said...

Why are (some) reformed people such jerks? is an informative blog post by Dr. Scott Clark of Westminster Seminary at¤tPage=23

Ian said...

and God couldn't call all of us a bunch of jerks ?
He has not dealt with us after our sins; nor rewarded us according to our iniquities.Ps 103:10
Who has saved us, and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace,2Ti 1:9
I am so thankful that God accepted the death of His own Son for me. Hebrews 12:2 Looking to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.