Monday, February 26, 2007

Why Some Women Become Feminists

Boy, is there ever a lot that I can relate to in this blogpost and some of Heart's comments further down the page.

Back in 1985 I read The Way Home by Mary Pride. Gary North has always reminded us that ideas have consequences. Sometimes you don't see the consequences, or logical fallout, of those ideas until years have passed and they have had time to come to fruition. Since I lived the lifestyle espoused in The Way Home, or attempted to, I have seen the results in my own life and in the lives of other women I know. A quiver full mentality combined with the belief that good Christians homeschool before all other options is a recipe for burning out women, particularly if the quiver becomes overly full. I know quite a few women who have fallen by the wayside in an attempt to be the homebirthing, home churching, gardening, home businesswomen, mothers of many married to men with a patriarchal bent. If the number of children is large enough, and if dad isn't helping out much, something will give -- the marriage, the health, the mental well being of the wife/mother or maybe all three can all be in jeopardy given enough time.

I've come to the opinion that partriarchalism is NOT Biblical. If you go back and read what Genesis 3:16 says, the desire of the woman for her husband's position and the fact that he will rule over her is a result of the Fall and part of the curse. Patriarchalism and power struggles are not what existed before the Fall. I like the way that Rushdoony portrayed the relationship that existed between Adam and Eve in their pre-Fall state of innocency: they were co-regents over creation. Sanctification is supposed to lead us back to that state, not away from it.


Ian said...

Great Expectations
Yes, when reality does not measure up to the expectation the inevatable result is burn out. The trouble that I find is to balance the dream against the reality so that I am still interested in carrying on instead of giving up.

Yes. Co-regent. (the church is the bride ...)Once again, the question. Whos who in the church?

Joyce said...

It is sure heart-breaking to consider what so many ladies have gone through because of a misunderstanding of biblical headship and submission. In Ephesians 5 alone, the Lord's word to husbands is to LOVE their wives as Christ loves His church: sacrificially, for the benefit of the wife, unselfishly, etc. I read the blog post and all 88 comments. There are so many hurting folks out there, some of whom have thrown the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak, even rejecting Christianity because they think it teaches that husbands may be tyrants. I love you, Cheryl, and pray the Lord will strengthen you during this very trying time in your life.

Chrysalis said...

I really enjoyed that blog (Heart) as well as some links off of there. Thanks for the link.

TulipGrrl said...

I think I read Mary Pride's hsing books starting. . . oh. . . when I was 15. I don't think I read "The Way Home" and "All The Way Home" until I was 16 or 17. I can tell you it had no small impact on me. And it has been God's graciousness (and a wonderful Hubby) which has allowed me to rest in the Lord and His grace and not find my worth in an ideal promoted by a certain subculture.