Thursday, January 27, 2005

Practical Mothering Wear

Buying maternity clothes can be an expensive proposition for clothes that you only wear for a few months at a time. This is one reason why I shop at the local Value Village, a second hand chain store that is set up much like a department store. I can nearly always find something that I like at prices I like even more. I recently bought six maternity outfits that fit and look all right for $40. This also makes me feel less guilty about passing them on or recycling them. Sometimes there is nothing more depressing than wearing the same maternity clothes time after time since the repetoire one has is generally small and limited. I can get a whole new wardrobe each time without breaking the bank.

One item of clothing that I intend to get more of in the future are uniforms. By this I mean the "scrubs" that nurses and hospital staff wear. They have been making them in attractive patterns and colors for some time now, and they are extremely comfortable and durable. I bought one set of scrubs the other night for only $9.99. It is a pretty forest green and is in new condition. In fact, it is in such good shape, that I won't mind wearing them out in public when I am going grocery shopping. If people mistake me for a health care professional, well I am one, just one of the alternative sort. Scrubs are eminently practical for wearing around the house too. They have convenient pockets on them and the material is hard to stain and easy to clean --an important consideration when raising small children or doing heavy housework or gardening.

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