Saturday, August 13, 2005

In Search of the Perfect Peach

I just finished licking the peach juice off my fingers of the most indescribably delicious and delectable peach I have eaten in the past ten years. It was brought to me in a basket with three other peaches with instructions given to the bearer that they were to be delivered to me and me alone. These peaches came ripe off the tree of the brother of my next door neighbor, who generously wanted to share this rare booty with me. Why rare? Most fruits and veggies are picked before they are ripe and before all the normal phytochemicals are in them. This accounts for much of the tastelessness of most of the produce we are forced to eat thanks to modern agricultural methods.

How I wish that all our fruits and vegetables were allowed to ripen the good old fashioned way. Maybe our kids would want to eat them then.

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Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly. I grew up near the Niagara fruit belt of southern Ontario. I remember what MacIntosh and Red Delicious apples are supposed to taste like. I would give a lot for a sun-ripened MacIntosh apple again. Not to mention peaches, pears and plums.....