Friday, August 12, 2005

My Kids Are Tops

This weekend is the local agricultural fair complete with horses, pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, cows, and other farm type animals. Both Hannah and Ben have their goats and pigs entered in the 4H projects. Hannah won Grand Championship in Goat showmanship and her goat was the Grand Champion goat. Ben got Reserved Champion goat.

When it comes to swine, all of Ben's vast experience in keeping his bedroom in the condition of a pig stye has paid off handsomely. His pig won Grand Champion pig, and Ben won the Grand Champion swineherd ribbon as well. Not sure how Hannah did on that one. Probably not as well since she tends to be neater. One of the competitor's pig didn't do so hot. She had trained it to expect a good scratch all over every time she touched it with a stick. So instead of doing what a pig is supposed to do in these competitions, it would invariably lay down and practically roll over begging to be scratched, almost like a dog would.

Rumor has it that Sam has won second place with his rabbit. We'll see if rumor was correct when I pick them up in a little while.


Anonymous said...

What did the rabbit win?

Mom said...

We had to laugh over your comments about Ben's bedroom being a pig sty. We can relate to that from when he stayed here with us last summer. Boys will be boys, I guess. On the other hand, Hannah's room was neat. Congrats to both of them for winning their ribbons. We'll wait and see how Sam does on his. Hope he brings home a ribbon as well.