Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Some Days I Want to Scream

And lately it has been most days. It isn't that my days are really horrible, it is just that I have too many things to do in them, and all of them must be done.

Having a full schedule doesn't go well with having children. Children are not efficient. They dawdle because they haven't yet learned that you have to hit the floor running and keep running and flop down exhausted by the end of the day, overwhelmed by all the things still left on your "to do" list. I wish I was still a child.

When James was born, Trista gave me a beautiful picture of a mother bending over her baby's cradle and adoring her baby. With it was the poem about telling cobwebs and dust to take a long walk off a short pier, or something like that. I think of that poem often as I am zooming around cleaning the house, yelling out instructions about grammar rules, throwing laundry in the washer or dryer, and telling my son whether office supplies should go in the assets or liabilities column of his balance sheet. If you hear me yelling at the laundry or telling the piles of dirt I have swept up to button up and go to sleep, you will know why. I am trying to rock my baby because I hear they don't keep. The fact that my kids are involved with housekeeping chores and that the house is fairly orderly doesn't mean there isn't a great deal of stress involved with it at times. Maybe if I had a maid...

Next month will be better, please Lord! Next month no swimming lessons twice a week, and hopefully all the dental appointments will be done.

I can always hope, right?


Carol said...

You get a maid, and I will get a cook.

Michellebelle said...

Speaking of dentists-how do you get around dentists being stinky about flouride.??? I refused flouride for my kids and my dentist nearly had a cow.Is there a good dentist in the north.???Where do ya find one.???

Cheryl said...

My dentist knows that it is dangerous to argue with a lunatic, so he doesn't even try any more.

Seriously though, you do your homework and research the options and then stand your ground with humor. This works with doctors as well as dentists.

As far as finding a good practitioner, the farther north you go, the less choice you have. You have to research the choices of available forms of treatment and then inform the dentist that this is what you want. If they aren't willing to play the game, find another dentist who will.

joyce said...

Hi, Cheryl,
Hope you get a chance to relax and enjoy that dear baby!

joyce said...

Hi, Cheryl,
I was able to post a comment to your blog by signing in as "other" rather than "blogger". Now I know!
Talk to you later!