Saturday, October 22, 2005

Trista, the Birthday Girl Posted by Picasa


Trista said...

I love you mom and just wanted to add a couple of things. You are way to hard on yourself!!! you should not be putting yourself down because you have done (and are still doing) the best you can and nobody ever asked any different. And I still have yowmeow and have passed on the tradition to my kids, Keiannah has a white kitty and rogan has a grey one, I think that it is somehow more sentamental to me then it is to the kids though, rogan likes his soft ducky more then the kitty, but he is a boy after all. Anyways thats it, but so you know I dont let anybody put down my mother and that includes yourself, so take it easy already :)

Mom said...

A real beauty and getting prettier all the time. Being a mother brings out the best!!