Tuesday, November 22, 2005

'Flu Flim Flam

Last night my hubbie and I watched two programs, one after the other, on PBS. Both of them dealt with the Spanish 'Flu epidemic of 1918. It was really amazing how quickly the SF spread and how fast it struck people down. What was especially interesting and surprising to me was the fact that the typical victims were not those who usually suffer -- the elderly and very young-- but for the most part struck those in the prime of life between the ages of 20 to 29.

The fact that viruses caused flus wasn't known at the time. Efforts to create a vaccine was based on bacterial studies and the resulting vaccine was of no effect. Vaccine production against various strains of flu viruses is on-going, but it is anyone's guess as to whether or not the vaccine producers have lucked out and chosen the correct virus to innoculate the population with. Then there are the problems with fraud...

Fraud in an already flawed flu plan

Just a few days ago, I wrote to you about the President's Big Plan to reduce flu infections and protect us against an outbreak of the H5N1 avian flu. As you might expect, increased flu vaccinations are the biggest component of this plan...

The problem with simply ratcheting up the number of vaccinations is that flu viruses can mutate into more virulent forms at a rate that's faster than what effective vaccines can be manufactured in mass quantities. I've written in the past (Daily Dose 3/8/05 and 2/20/04) about how worthless mass vaccinations are - except as profit drivers for the vaccine manufacturers. In one of those articles, I referenced a National Institute of Health study that showed flu vaccinations had not saved a single life in the supposedly "most vulnerable" over-65 demographic.

But these facts don't stop our government from lining us up every year and needlessly needling us in the name of flu resistance. And as if we needed any more evidence that these mass vaccinations with instantly-obsolete drugs were worthless, consider this:

In some cases, the shots themselves contain almost NO MEDICINE.

Apparently, the lure of easy money is too much for some doctors to bear in the fight against the flu. At least one such doctor, a man named Iyad Abu el Hawa, was arrested last month in Houston, Texas after the health care company he owns administered more than 1,000 fake flu shots to Exxon/Mobil employees and independent contractors at a job safety event in October. According to the now-involved FDA, the substance administered was nothing more than sterilized H20...

Authorities say el Hawa planned to keep giving the fake jabs while billing Medicare for the administration of real vaccines. So far, the investigation has gathered evidence showing that the doctor also administered ersatz vaccine to residents of a housing facility for senior citizens. Interestingly enough, "doctor" el Hawa was convicted of assaulting a police officer in 1999, according to the Baytown Sun, a Houston-area newspaper.

The doctor would no doubt have continued to perpetrate more of these frauds (another mass inoculation scheduled for October 22nd was canceled after his arrest), but for the clear head and strong medical conscience of a sharp-minded temp nurse contracted to help administer the shots. Keep reading...

According to a U.S. Newswire account, a nurse hired by el Hawa's company to help dole out the "flu shots" became alarmed after a conversation with one of the facility's other employees - the one filling up syringes the night before the event - revealed a startling lack of knowledge about the system of identifying and tracking vaccines currently in place in the U.S. According to the nurse's testimony, the person didn't even know what a vaccine lot number was.

Concerned, the nurse palmed a pair of the syringes prepared for the Exxon/Mobil safety fair and contacted authorities, who raided el Hawa's facility the day after the event. They also seized 32 syringes el Hawa himself attempted to discard in a dumpster across the street from his company's offices during the raid.

Thankfully, no injuries have been reported from this fraudulent jabbing. When you think about it, the people who received a harmless salt solution instead of vaccine are the lucky ones since there's no proof that the vaccines are effective in the first place.

But to me, this incident raises new questions about the safety of vaccinations - not from a point of view of adverse reactions to actual vaccines or the unwitting spread of secondary infections, but from a standpoint of the ease in which a disgruntled doctor could cause another terror disaster of a 9/11-ish scale...

Think about it. If it's this easy to inject people with something other than a vaccine in order to perpetrate simple fraud, it would be equally easy to inject a few thousand people with a toxic chemical or deadly communicable disease, like AIDS (or worse)...

I wonder if the president has a plan in place for THAT?

Always planning, never flim-flamming,

William Campbell Douglass II, MD

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