Saturday, November 05, 2005

Why I Love James

So there I am in the middle of the YMCA gym, flopped over a Swiss Ball, trying to stretch muscles that dont' want stretching, and trying to firm up flab that suddenly appeared with the advent of James. Hannah, who was taking care of Jamesie came up to where I was feebly working out to find out how much longer I was going to be, and she carried James with her. Despite the fact that I was surrounded by women, younger, firmer, and more attractive than me, James had eyes, grins, and happy squeals for no one but his mommy. He looks at me as though the sun and moon set by me and like I am the most attractive and wonderful woman in the world. That makes every single fat cell I am working on deflating worth the getting!


Willena said...

LOL. A WONDERFUL tribute to motherhood, Cheryl! :-)

katrina said...

Hi Cheryl;

I hope this finds you mending, us Schumachers have been praying for you all.