Saturday, November 05, 2005

Why I Love SuperNanny

Last night I watched SuperNanny with my kids on the TV. I have to confess that I love/hate this show. The reason I hate it is because I so often see myself portrayed in the ineffective and even infantile and self-indulgent responses that many parents have towards their children. It is too true and too sad that much of the time our children suffer from our own childish behaviors and we have to grow up alongside of them. For some parents, it never happens, or it comes too little, too late.

Last night's show was about a family with two little girls and a boy who had been diagnosed with autism. The parents loved their children but had no effective coping mechanisms or training strategies for their particular situation. I really felt for the mom. On the outside she looked like a mother who didn't care about her children and was negligent of them in favor of doing her housework. Inside though, was a woman who was in helpless despair and loaded down with guilt over what was happening in her family. Dad was equally sad.

SuperNanny came in and gave them the straight goods, without pulling any punches. I squirmed for them as she laid bare their deficiencies for all the world to see. Very often at this interview, there can be a lot of defensiveness, but in this couple's case, there was deep humilty and a desire to do better for their children. Then an expert who worked with autistic children came in alongside of SuperNanny and they set up a program for the whole family that would encourage quality time and training for all the children.

Within the first day of training, this little autistic boy said his first words. All that was needed was the right amount of stimulation and perserverance to get him that far. It was a thrilling moment to see. It was also thrilling to see how the parents were able to improve their parenting skills with some coaching and direction and what a difference it made to their whole family.

That is why I love SuperNanny. She tells you the truth about your rotten condition, but then gives you hope that it can change. Kinda like the Gospel.


Carol said...

I watched it, too. I was wishing the little guy could be on glycos, eh, Cheryl? I especially like when Supernanny can help parents get great results, completely without punishment (not even a naughty stool last night). She always makes me want to give my children more focused attention.

barbara curtis said...

I like the show too and feel it is doing a lot of good to improve the condition for many children. I didn't see the show last night - would have enjoyed it, I know.

blund said...

Terrific blog, Cheryl. I just stumbled over it searching for Reformed stuff. Thanks for a view of the Gospel that is so 'lived out" in your life. Its refreshing to read. I look forward to reading it in the future.

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