Wednesday, February 01, 2006

"Sinless" Chocolate Smoothies

I don't actually believe that consumption of chocolate is a sin, unless you indulge in it too much. However, the above is the title of a new recipe book I bought recently. For the most part the recipes pass muster as recipes I would consider reasonably healthy. There is no doubt that they taste good!

Here's one I tried today:

3 cups chocolate soy milk
2 frozen bananas, in chunks
10 large frozen strawberries
2 tablespoons dutch cocoa powder (the unsweetened kind)


Now, you can fiddle with the amount of fluids you use and if you use a bit less, you can actually get something that resembles soft serve ice cream without the loads of sugar.

It will disappear fast if you have kids helping you consume it.

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Susan said...

It all sounds good except the soy... I steer clear of that stuff and use raw (real) milk instead. :)

Cheryl, if you ever say anything back to others who comment, I don't know where to see it. Perhaps you're just not saying anything, but I can't figure out how your blog works with the comment thing...