Monday, June 05, 2006


That is what the technician said of my echocardiogram. Nothing exciting or out of the ordinary to see or hear, and why was I there?!?

So Mom, you can stop stressing out over me. Apparently I will not keel over with a heart attack any time soon.

No walkies today because I went to the hospital instead. No breakfast because I was supposed to do a fasting glucose and cholesterol test. No lunch because I got busy with other things. Snacked on cold roasted potatoes and pork later on, Supper was 2 smal chicken enchiladas and some Mrs. May's Almond Crunch. Coffee, water, and cranberry water rounded out the fluid intake.


RebeccaJ said...

Good Cheryl, glad to see that you are doing well! But, ;o) now what will you have over the children when they are being naughty and you think of clutching your chest? LOL That was funny!

Still faithfully trying to read your blog.

Rebecca, happy wife of Greg and Mama to 7 littles under 8, ~AB, Canada

Apologia_Christi said...
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Apologia_Christi said...

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