Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm Officially Free!

From school, that is. All the final reports are in and now I am in the awkward stage between having to do a predictable routine centered around school, and getting on with the new routine of summer. I have plenty to do, but it is hard to break free from the habitual guilt of wondering if I accomplished enough by drilling, etc., with the kids. As it is, I still intend to enter them in a summer reading program at the local library and drill them on their math facts through out the summer, just to keep their hand in, so to speak. Maybe.

On other fronts, I continue to win the battle of the bulge. I am now no longer able to shop in the Plus sizes section. Yeah! Pretty soon, extra large will be too big for me as well. I am already able to get into some large size things. My goal is to get to medium, and it is possible that I will be there before the end of the summer. I have been walking almost every day, but I think it is time to add in a few weights just to firm things up a bit and give a bit of shape to things. One thing that likely won't change is the baby roll in front. This is all the extra skin I grew to accomodate all the tenants that resided inside me at various times in my adult life. The elastic in my skin is gone there. Thank goodness for Platex and reinforced tummy control! At least it shifts things around a bit so that I look more like a human instead of a sway-backed brood mare who has been bred a few too many times.

The next few weeks promise to be a bit insane. My daughter Trish arrives tonight for a 24 hour visit. This is so she can see her sister Hannah in her dance recital, and so we can admire her tiny bulge where baby is. Hannah is also planning on celebrating her birthday party tomorrow, a week and a bit early since all her siblings will be here.

Sunday, Bernard and Annie return on their way back to Vancouver. They will likely be here til Tuesday. Monday is Ben's last school exam, and I have two new clients that day. Tuesday is designated Muffin and Cookie day -- in order to bake all the muffins and cookies I promised to bring for the Conventicle weekend. Wednesday morning is another new client, and the afternoon is Nathanael's graduation ceremony, followed by a special supper at home.

Thursday my weekend company arrives. Friday I entertain company, cook a roast and ham and slice them for the weekend, and begin the process of really enjoying myself with all the fellowship and fun that we have planned for that weekend. I probably won't surface for a few days after that.

Some company leaves on Tuesday, more arrives on the following Thursday, leaves temporarily on Friday, comes back again on Monday, while other new company arrives on Friday. The last of the covenanters leaves my home on Sunday, and the lot which arrives on Friday leaves on Monday. Got all that?

By Monday, July10th, things will hopefully die down to a dull roar and I'll be able to enjoy my parents in peace for the rest of the month.

Excuse me. I have to rest after typing all that.


Anonymous said...

"On other fronts, I continue to win the battle of the bulge. I am now no longer able to shop in the Plus sizes section. Yeah! Pretty soon, extra large will be too big for me as well."

WOW, Cheryl! You go, girl!! Sounds like you're doing great... much better than I am, despite my diligence this month. I can hardly wait to see you again!!

Many hugs in advance! >:D< >:D< >:D<

Mom said...

Cheryl Ann, I am thoroughly confused and tired just from reading all about the company you will be having. Just don't overdo it!!! Hopefully, when we are there I will help you with some of your chores so that you can lie down and have a much needed rest. Is there anything you would like us to bring you from Moncton?