Sunday, June 04, 2006

Yeah, yeah...

Day 4,5,6 -- ate some. Exercised some. Cheated some. So there!

I know I am making progress because I am back into the clothing I wore before I got pregnant with James.

The one thing about losing weight when I was young, it was like shedding an entire skin. Now it comes off in funny ways and places leaving me looking bulgy in some areas and not in others. I have magnificent shoulders, my flanks are thinning out, but my upper arms and derriere, well. Let's be thankful I have to wear clothing.

A lot of my exercise in the coming week will come in the form of climbing up and down a stool as I wash walls, windows, doors, and various items of furniture. My house looks like a total disaster right now as I have been turning out clothing not needed for this season and getting rid of stuff. Most of it is deposited in piles in the upstairs hallway and it is an exercise in agility to make your way through it. However, most of it will find a home in the next week, either in storage bins in the attic, or recycled at a local Sally Ann. In the meantime, my poor husband, who likes an orderly house, is living through yet another year's chaos as I deep clean each room.

Somehow in the midst of all this, I forgot to check and see when I was supposed to have all the children's work turned in. Last week. Ooops! So in addition to deep cleaning, we will also be finishing up the portfolio's, doing tests, compiling school work, etc., and then shipping it off for evaluation. And oh -- my company from France arrives in the midst of all this. I have an echocardiogram on Monday morning, and three clients scheduled this week. James' first birthday is on Saturday. Let's hope I locate the camera by then because I missed getting Elodie's birthday pictures.

Not stressing! No! Ha ha ha!

heheheh.. ehhhh.

Gonna go and read some Rushdoony or Calvin now.

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Anonymous said...

Cheryl Ann, you are starting to make me nervous with all you have on your plate. I don't want you to get stressed out again and end up in the hospital. Enjoy your company, and if they don't like the way your house looks, too bad. Don't invite them back. With 9 children living at home, there is no way a house can be neat...even with a maid. There is a difference between neat and dirty and your house isn't dirty. Save some for me to do while I'm there so that I don't put on any weight from having nothing to do. Make sure you get your rest period EVERY DAY!! That's an order from mom. Love ya.