Friday, May 28, 2004

Dry Run

Sunday is Elodie's second birthday, but because we don't celebrate birthdays on the Lord's Day (since that day should be reserved to the Lord alone), we will be celebrating it tomorrow. I am going to make a mini version of the wedding cake that I am making for the weddings in July, complete with the same type of filling and maybe similar decorations. We will see how it turns out and whether or not I can quit sweating bullets over this.

In the next few weeks I will be renting the cake pans, making the cakes, lightly freezing them, sawing them in half, refreezing them, and then setting them aside to await the BIG DAY. I am planning on assembling them the day before the wedding. One of the things I will be experimenting with is making the icing ahead of time. I am going to refrigerate it and then take it out to soften and see if it can still be worked with. If it does what I think it will do, it will allow me to make up a few gallons of icing a day or so ahead of time and store it in my fridge and then take it out in order to work with it on assembling the cakes.

I can't help wondering why I took this on sometimes. I am so afraid the cakes will turn out to be a total flop and will look dreadful. I do so want them to both look and taste good because the wedding cake is one of the best parts of a wedding if it is done right. If it looks good, I'll post pictures. I don't mind showing off pictures of cakes as long as I am not in them. :oP

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