Sunday, May 23, 2004

Such Mercy

she sings hallelujah
when all has become nothing
and her hope in the saviour
has colored all she does
and taints the way she loves

she sings hallelujah
and falls to the ground again
with hands stretched up to the sky
waiting for the day
she'll hear the father say...

...welcome home good and faithful one

Lyrics from a song by the Newsboys

Now if that isn't an expression of love too overwhelming to contemplate for very long, I don't know what is. How can He? How can God take such rotten, foul sinners as we, impute righteousness to us, ordain and enable us to do good works which He sanctifies through His Spirit, and then reward us and call us good and faithful ones?

Cast your crowns at His feet. They are His. To Him be all glory, honor and praise! Amen.

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