Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Force Field
(G. Camp)

Today's escape will consist of a mask
I found it in a bargain bin
Why do you ask?
Rosy cheeks and a smile
There's no shame in my game of denial
Don't you touch, move along
Keep your hands inside
Ask enough from afar
Enjoy the ride
It don't get much better than this
There's the riff, here's the hook, Where's the myth ?
Manning my stations
Taking control of the situation
Say hello to my force field
Beaten down on all fours
And they'll stare as they pass
Please don't feed or provoke
Or tap on the glass
Bet you never felt quite like that
You could say, don't complain where I'm at
Manning my stations
Taking control of the situation
Say hello to my force field
You won't see me cry (you won't you won't)
You won't see me die
The escapade still exists of the task
Of pullin' off a miracle out of my [edited for crass language]
It don't get much better than that
A savvy fox, a loyal dog, a sunny cat
Manning my stations
Taking control of the situation
Say hello to my force field ...
I was listening to this song by Smashmouth on my CD player tonight as I was getting my clicks in going round the track at the city's stadium. As I was listening to it, I thought ,"Boy, this song sort of describes how I feel about my life right now.
Today was a better day than earlier days this week. Probably because I didn't homeschool due to having to drive kids to doctor's appointments. Dr. Bell made my day early on. He walked into the examining room where he had Trahern stripped to the ankles in order to deal with a recalcitrant ingrown toenail, and when he saw me he gave a huge smile and evidenced delight. Then he said, "I don't know how you do it! You look younger every time I see you!" I think I love that man.
Got home, did a few things, rounded up the kids again and drove in for yet another doctor's appointment. Then did the groceries and some retail therapy. I now have some more cool earrings that were being cleared out at dirt cheap prices and an ear cuff. Tomorrow, I am scheduled for minor surgery on my ears in which two new holes will be drilled to make way for more ornaments above the initial ornament orifice.
I drove back into town after bringing all the kids and groceries back and went to log some clicks on my pedometer. I did almost 10 000 steps today. Not bad. My goal is over 9 000 clicks so I got a few extra in. Don't know how much longer I can keep that up though. I have this burning pain in the bottom of my foot that I suspect is a Morton's neuroma after talking to the podiatrist today. [sighs] It is like there is some kind of conspiracy to keep me from exercising. If the sole inserts I bought today don't help, then it looks like I might have to have the minor surgery done to take care of it. [sighs again]
Thus endeth my day...

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