Wednesday, September 08, 2004

This and That

It is amazing how quickly I can fall behind with things when I take a few days away from home. Laundry Mountain has switched places. Instead of a mountain of dirty laundry, I now have a mountain of clean laundry awaiting folding and sorting before being dispersed to the appropriate person. I could ask one of my kids to do the folding, but I'm rather anal about how the laundry gets folded and since it is my single obsession, it will have to wait until I get to it.

I spent today sorting out and packing away my summer clothing and digging out my winter clothing. Farewell light summery things; hello warm winter woolies. I am a bit sad about the loss of summer sun and warmth, but every season has its joys and I'll recover to enjoy the autumn weather soon.

Which reminds me of something... I have come to realize what a blessing it is to possess a generally happy frame of mind. I have my trials and tribulations that serve to remind me that life is sober; life is cruel. However, if I can distract myself for even a few minutes, it usually restores me to a more optimistic frame of mind. I was lamenting to myself over one of the kids today and doing some writing on a totally unrelated subject helped to restore my equilibrium and perspective. I remember suffering from depression as a teen, and I developed a great distaste for it. Consequently, I have endeavored to do all I can to preserve a more cheerful frame of mind where possible. Perspective is everything. I could keep myself down by constantly reminding myself of my own sinful nature and its results and that of those around me. Joy, however, always sneaks back in. I can't help it. I find too many things to rejoice in and be grateful for. No matter how grey things look to me, I know I can always find someone worse off than I am. And besides, given what my sins deserve, I am grateful that the trials I experience in this life are the worst it will ever be for me. This life is the closest to hell I shall ever get. Now if that isn't cause for gratitude over the lightness of affliction I suffer now, I don't know what is.

Things are slowly starting to come together as far as school goes. I heard from several of Ben's teachers today and his lessons will be sent out soon. I also heard from the teacher who will be overseeing the younger children. For once, I am actually looking forward to getting started. That, of course, could change as soon as I am actually doing something. Alas, homeschooling is one area that does challenge my ability to remain cheerful. However, I shall endeavor to do this as unto the Lord with a minimum of grumbling and belly aching about it.

Sorry I don't have anything more exciting to write about.

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