Friday, September 17, 2004

I Won

I have been receiving notices from all kinds of people lately, notifying me that I had won in a lottery which I have no rememberance of taking part in. People in Japan, Nigeria, and obscure African nations have been contacting me in droves because my reputation for honesty and astute financial judgement has spread around the globe. They want my help to move hundreds of thousands of dollars for the poor relations of fabulously wealthy people who have been dropping like flies before putting their money safely in Swiss bank accounts. (I think Interpol should be contacted and an investigation launched into the suspicious deaths of all these rich people.)

Yesterday when I came home for lunch, I got a phone call from someone informing me I had won yet another contest. Yikes! Now they are phoning me ? Turns out, this time it was a bonafide call. Last spring I entered some recipes in a contest for low glycemic eating in various categories, and I won first prize in two of the categories. I can't decide. Should I replace the couch that is disintegrating after 40 years of hard service and many children bouncing on it, or the washing machine that has to be run twice on the spin cycle to get the water out of the clothing? Decisions, decisions.

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