Monday, April 18, 2005

A Gibbering Ape

Topic: Chrestomathy
"Christian parents (and particularly mothers) must recognize that the temptations to lust comes down to us from our father Adam, from our members which are on the earth (Col. 3:5). They do not originate with the world or with Hollywood. The world can and does enflame these lusts, but the world does not create them. Thus, a young boy who has been kept at home, far away from the corrupting influences of the world, will still discover, after thirteen years, right on schedule, perhaps to his dismay and perhaps to his delight, strong sexual corruptions within him. This will happen whether or not he is regenerate. These corruptions will act, as one Puritan put it, like a gibbering ape within his loins" (Future Men, p. 137).

Posted by Douglas Wilson - 4/15/2005 2:30:44 PM

I think the above post, which I copied and linked to from Douglas Wilson's blog is a reminder that Christian parents, and particularly Christian homeschool parents, need to pay heed to. It is easy to think that if you control access to the television, videos, internet, books, and outside influences through carefully screened friends and acquaintances that your children will be able to escape from sexual immorality and corruption. But the world outside is not nearly so dangerous to their souls as the world inside their own hearts. All the perversions that the world has ever known existed before the technological age made it so accessible so easily to so many. By all means, guard the entry-ways to your home, but don't neglect to clean out the closets of the heart of your children. THAT is where the real problem lies.

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