Monday, April 11, 2005

Not Such a Failure After All

My "Littles" report cards arrived via email today. They received A's and B's in all the important subjects and are doing extremely well. The teacher commented favorably on the "rich" learning environment in our home and I am mentally and emotionally relieved.

Ok, you radical, do-it-yourself homeschoolers are probably sniffing to yourselves and wondering why I need the validation of an outside teacher telling me that I am doing a good job with my kids. Well, my confidence in my ability to mother and teach received a severe blow about five years ago and I don't know if it will ever recover. No doubt this is one of those things that call for some intense navel-gazing to determine the roots and find a way to circumvent, but right now I don't have the time. It *is* on my agenda, but at the moment, just doing all the necessary day to day things and keeping my head above water is all I have the time and energy for.

At any rate, despite my other areas of lack, at least I can be confident that the kids aren't being short-changed as far as their education goes.

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