Thursday, April 28, 2005

God's Country

Ginny had a good picture on her blog the other day of a bumper sticker that does a good job of expressing my sentiments: " I LOVE MY COUNTRY -- It's our thieving, lying, cheating, defrauding, corrupt Liberal government I can't stand!"

The other day I was returning home from an appointment that was a half hour west out of town. Prince George city proper is in a "bowl". It is located at the junction of the Nechako and Fraser Rivers, and no matter which direction you come from, you have to descend into the bowl if you are going to pass through the city. As I was driving from the west towards the city, just before I was to descend into the bowl, I had the most fantastic sight spread before my eyes. The day was beautifully sunshiney and clear and in the far distance, I could see not only the gentle rise of the Cariboo Mountains, but beyond that the sun-kissed snowy peaks of the Robson Valley and possibly even the Rocky Mountains. It was utterly amazing!

The trees are leafing out, the grass is turning green and the balsam willow is scenting the air with a delicious fragrance that someone ought to turn into a perfume. The wind was a bit cool today, but the sunshine combined with the emerging greenery caused my heart to feel glad that it was spring and I live in such a beautiful country.

My husband is working in Victoria on Vancouver Island for the time being, and he jokingly told some of his co-workers who live there that when they die they are destined for hell since they are already getting to spend their time in Paradise now. We had contemplated having me go down to see him and have a few days of R&R without the kids, but a 12 hour drive both ways is a bit beyond my stamina now that I am in the last 6 weeks of pregnancy. Something about being pregnant combined with driving a vehicle always makes me want to go to sleep, which is decidedly not safe. Instead I am going to take a few days next week and go south about an hour to the little town of Quesnel and hole up in a motel by myself so I can rest, read, veg out and pamper myself with sleeping in, long baths, a pedicure and walks along the river, and just doing what I want while my daughter and son-in-law ride herd on the kids at home.

When I return home, it will hopefully be to a newly painted office that will again make my heart happy and glad that I didn't have to do it myself. And school will be done soon. And baby will be here soon. Then comes a trip to Edmonton to see friends I haven't seen in a long time. Am I happy? You betcha.

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