Monday, May 02, 2005


So here I am in Quesnel. I left in a leisurely manner this morning after Trista arrived with her kids in tow. I spent an hour holding my grandson, baby Rogan, and folded laundry and packed and left an hour later than I planned. But I didn't sweat it. After all, my intention is to relax, not stress about getting out on my self-imposed deadline.

I drove to Quesnel, and it was a job to stay alert while I was driving. The first thing I did after I arrived and unloaded was to lay down with a book and read for a few minutes and then I had a 2 hour nap. Woo Hoo! If you only knew. Naps have been few, far between, and sparse in the amount of time alloted. Lots of kids and wooden floors make for a lot of noise and difficulty in relaxing for a nap on any day. It was nice to be able to just let myself go and not have to worry about being awakened or wonder what the kids are getting into while I am unconscious.

I drove out later, met a business associate for a few minutes and then had a leisurely lunch/supper before picking up a few things at the local grocery store. Then it was back to the motel to run a hot bath, give myself a pedicure and buff my cellulite with body scrub. I am nearly finished one book and tomorrow will start on another and chill out some more. I definintely need to do this more often! Thanks to my hard-working hubby for making this happen!

Only 38 days to due date!

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