Tuesday, May 17, 2005

First Weird Baby Dream

Ok, so it has finally happened. I had a weird baby dream last night. I dreamt I was getting ready to give birth and it was in a strange place, sort of outdoors. I had a midwife with me, who I didn't know, but that didn't seem to faze me a bit. I got down on the mattress, which was laid out on the ground, and started to deliver the baby on my hands and knees. Behind me, I heard the midwife gasp and then say something about "meconium." Now I know that if a baby aspirates meconium, this is not good. So without seeing what is going on, I can hear her suctioning out the baby, etc. Eventually, she hands the baby to me. He was completely cleaned up, dressed and HUGE -- like 15 lbs. big. Not only that, the baby's nose was a normal shape, but it was dark brown and of the bumpy sort of texture that a dog's nose has. Very weird. I remember gazing in astoundment at this nose and wondering if the meconium was what made it turn brown and if it was possible to operate and fix it somehow.

Now according to this article, our dreams serve the purpose of helping our subconscious mind sort out what we really feel/think about what is going on in our lives and we should examine our dreams for the messages we are trying to give ourselves.

Ok folks. What do you think my dream is trying to tell me? And what was the one about me backing up over Elodie about?

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