Sunday, May 15, 2005

A Poet's Inspiration

Today I was handed a poem after church. I think this is the first known instance in which I have been the inspiration of a poet...

Of my mom
There's much to say
Of the telling,
It would take all day
She's been through it all
Thick and thin,
She's been there to correct
Me whenever I sin
Of a bike or car
She never has bought me
But the love and self-sacrifice
Has always been free
Our point of view
Isn't always the same
(But she's always right
cause she gave me my name)
My 11 siblings
She's cheerfully raised:
And even after th is
She still isn't fazed.

All this and more
Are things you've done
And that's why I tell all
That your my mom.

xoxo Nathanael
Happy Belated Mother's Day

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