Saturday, December 10, 2005

I Love My Work

Yesterday and today I got to work with two clients who live in Vancouver. Whenever they come to PG to visit family, they get me to work on them. One of them has been in a bad way for some time and the doctors and naturopaths down in Lotusland haven't been able to give her much in the way of help. What has helped her is seeing me, according to her and her husband. So....
He's planning on sending her up by plane every six weeks or so to have me work on her. Which I think is a real compliment.

In other news, James exploded today. No, he has not joined the Muslim extremists dedicated to blowing themselves and others up. Instead he did what many breastfed babies do -- he saved a bowel movement for several weeks and then finally exploded in a yellow lava-like flow of poop all the way up his back and out his legs. It is hard to believe a baby could hold so much poop. The tricky part was trying to get his onesie undershirt off of him without smearing it all through his hair. I think I used up half of my homemade baby wipes cleaning him up because I didn't have time to just put him in the bath and be done with it.

It has been a full week since I went to town. I almost went in tonight, but Marc elected to go for me, giving Ben the chance to drive. Hannah is out babysitting, as is Trahern. Only the little kids and I are at home and some of them are laying around in various stages of decreptitude. It looks like it will be a quiet Lord's Day at home tomorrow. Not all the kids are down with the "death rattle" cough, but James is feeling out of sorts from that and teething. Despite the fact that he can't do more than squeak in a pathetic manner, he is still smiling and surprisingly unfussy. Bless him!

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