Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Thoughts on Finitude

It happens to me everyday. I am brought up against my state of finitude in multiple ways.

My children fight and I can never know for sure that I have gotten all the facts and ruled justly because I am finite.

I read the paper and see that such and such a move by the US gov't will likely lead to a rise in this or that commodity. And I wonder if they have all their facts straight or if this is only an educated guess because the commentator is finite.

We argue over which form of gov't is best: democracy, republicanism, socialism or marxism. We all can't agree because we are finite and only see a tiny part of the picture.

We take sides in a controversy thinking we have done our due diligence and are competent to render judgement only to find out later that we were missing some key facts. We are finite.

Despite my best efforts to get everything done, I often wake up in the night with the memory of something that I forgot to do. I am finite.

Finitude can be something to bang your head against in frustrated anger, or it can be a means of being humbled and filled with gratitude because even if you are finite, God is not and He can handle it all.

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