Saturday, February 05, 2005

100 Random Facts about Me or About My Opinion on Things

I was born in Massachusetts to Canadian parents and moved back to Canada in 1974.
I was 19 when I got married.
I married my highschool sweetheart
My honeymoon consisted of an “Around the World Tour” by 18 speed bicycle. It lasted 8 months and we only got as far as North America.
I still have permanent indents in my butt from the bike saddle, which never did conform to my anatomy despite assurances that it would.
I got pregnant so I wouldn’t have to bicycle any more . =:oO
I have a diploma from a technical school in secretarial skills
I have never worked as a secretary.
I have homeschooled all my children from birth.
I hate homeschooling and would rather stick pins in my eyes than teach small children to read.
I have been pregnant 18 times including this one, and so far have 11 children to show for it.
My two youngest children will be younger than my two eldest grandchildren.
Laundry is my favorite chore.
I like doing housework and cleaning and would rather do that than homeschool.
I go for months reading only non-fiction
Dorothy Sayers is my favorite mystery writer, but she didn’t write enough of them to keep me happy indefinitely.
I tolerate dogs.
I adore cats.
Cats adore me because I make a fuss over them in a dignified way and leave them alone when they wish to be left alone.
My favorite stage of babyhood is the one my baby is currently in.
Seven of my children were born in hospitals.
Four of my children were born at home.
My longest labor was six hours.
Shortest labor was 12 minutes.
I caught the baby in the shortest labor by myself since no one could get to me in time.
It was the highlight of my life.
I plan to catch this next baby by myself, but with a midwife at my side just in case.
I have done doula work and love it, but hate the irregular hours.
I am doing kinesionics work and especially love being able to set my own hours.
I like to give more than I like to receive.
Despite the above, I will quickly cut off those who take advantage of this and don’t respect proper boundaries.
I sometimes hold grudges and take a long time to get over them.
This tendency has lessened since I was a kid, probably due to some sanctification kicking in.
I can’t make up my mind about a favorite color, but I tend to like purples, pinks, blues, and greens.
I like Victorian style things as long as someone else is the one exhibiting it. I just can’t bring myself to dress in a Victorian fashion, nor decorate my house like one.
Really feminine frills look weird on me.
Autumn is my favorite time of year.
My new artic fleece sort of sheets are the most luxurious things I have ever experienced on a regular basis and they make it hard to get out of bed in the morning. They are so soft and cuddly and warm.
I love savory foods more than sweets.
I love to cook if someone else cleans up and cleans up really well.
I like experimenting with different cuisines.
Tex Mex is one of my favorite cuisines.
I sometimes eat sandwiches composed of ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, avocadoes, sprouts and sliced raw garlic with mayonnaise and a sprinkle of Spike on toasted whole grain bread. Culinary heaven but don’t try to kiss me afterwards!
I don’t like sports.
Exercise is a bore but it makes me feel better when I do it.
I don’t understand the allure of computer, video, Gameboys, or board games.
I am highly sociable, but also need some solitude to do my own thing and think things through.
Solitude is hard to find in a houseful of 10 people.
I was a very awkward and socially backward child.
I am highly kinesthetic and best give and receive love by doing, being done by, and physical expressions like strokes, hugs, kisses, etc.
I have learned to love others through the means they best receive it in, like visual or auditory means.
My favorite class in highschool was art class.
I like being artistic but don’t have the time for it any more.
I’ll be 64 years old when my youngest is 20.
I doubt I’ll ever suffer from being alone.
My favorite coffee treat is a Starbucks Venti Mocha Frappacino
My favorite Starbucks treat is a hot cup of chocolate called “Chantico”
I love Tim Horton’s Cranberry Blueberry Bran Muffins
I used to think I hated Science as a subject until I realized one day that all my intense interests in nutrition and health could be considered a form of love for science.
Since then I have branched out to being interested in electricity, electro-magnetism, quantum physics and biology. I think I must have had lousy science teachers.
My favorite wine is White Zinfandel. But I also really enjoy those cheap wine coolers that Ed introduced me to. I’ll be a cheap drunk if I ever overindulge.
Ed is my Wooly Baa Lamb.
I haven’t a clue what I am going to call this next baby. I have run out of names.
My ambitions are many and mostly center around getting the house finished, the yard landscaped, and a raised container garden made.
Give me neither riches nor poverty. I am quite content with my level of affluence. I don’t own fine china and our plates are durable melamine, but I manage to entertain people heartily in spite of it. I could stand to de-clutter the house a bit though.
I love having lots of people over to visit with. Last summer when I had a houseful of 25 extra people was the best time ever. I had a blast.
Don Aslett is one of my favorite home management teachers through his books.
I have a routine, but it looks like no one else’s. I don’t fit into other people’s molds very well.
I love jewelry, especially causal stuff like hemp necklaces or glass beads.
I don’t read sales flyers because they provoke me to covetousness.
I am allergic to being pregnant. It makes me swell up to twice my normal size.
Thankfully it is not an anaphylactic allergy.
I hate wall to wall carpets. They are dirty and unhygienic, no matter how often you clean and vacuum them. I wish we had opted for tile throughout the house now.
I am a hippy at heart and funky people are the best.
I like to wear clothing made from Indian muslin in the summer when I can find it.
I got frostbite on my feet as a teenager by snow mobiling in un-insulated rubber gum boots. Now my feet get cold easily and they make me feel miserable when they do.
I hate the heat. Anything above 26 degrees celcius makes me feel sick. Twenty-one or twenty two degrees is just about right.
Having grandchildren is far easier on the body than producing your own.
I don’t have favorites with my kids but they think I do.
I am an ice cream fiend. My other favorite dessert is a really good cheesecake.
Dark chocolate that is 85% cocoa mass is the best.
I was once one of the Plymouth Brethren, morphed into a Baptist, went through a Christian Reconstruction stage, and have now settled into being a Reformed Presbyterian Covenanter and am endeavoring to raise my children to be such.
My oldest kids think I am a fanatic.
I own three email lists.
Raising teens is harder than raising toddlers.
I used to know it all when it came to raising kids.
I now know nothing about child training and don’t like to give advice on it.
Some people would think my standards on raising children has slipped from where it used to be when my eldest were little and I was very strict. I happen to think that experience and time has knocked a lot of the nonsense and unrealistic expectations out of me.
I now raise children more for what is right for them and right before God with room that allows them to make mistakes and grow, and less for what others might think of me as a parent if I let them do such and such.
It still hurts though when you know others are judging you as a bad parent.
Self-righteousness reeks.
I have often reeked in the past and still reek at times. Thankfully, the Lord has been knocking the stuffing out of it and I am now proud of how incredibly humble it has made me.
My husband is one of my best friends. I enjoy it most when we have uninterrupted time together to talk about things. He taught me how to listen to people instead of trying to always control and dominate the conversation.
The hardest things I experienced have often been the best opportunities for spiritual growth and character development. The experiences sucked at the time, but now I am glad I had them.
I twitch and can’t sit still when I am really tired.
The Maritime Provinces of Canada are the best place to be in the autumn when the leaves have turned. That is what I imagine Heaven will look like.
I use Malaysian Cherry temporary hair coloring.
I am somewhat vain though I have no real reason for being so.
I am developing chin whiskers with the consistency of barbed wire. Ugh.
I would like to have a wall in the house that doesn’t contain dings or permanent marker on it. Somehow, I think that may be an impossible dream at least for the next five years.

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