Friday, February 25, 2005

Samantha's Interview of Me

Ok, I got to choose the questions from a list she provided, so here goes:

- Has your theology changed over the years?

Most definitely. I grew up in the Plymouth Brethren assemblies/Gospel Hall, which are a sort of inconsistent Arminian type of church. I then migrated to a Fellowship Baptist church and was converted to Calvinism by a Sunday School teacher. Following quickly on the heels of that, I got involved with the Christian Reconstruction movement, and snuck into the Reformed Faith through that particular side door. I am now a communicant member of a Covenanted Reformed Presbyterian church in the Reformed Presbytery of North America (General Meeting). It feels like I am home, theologically speaking.

- What were your favorite books as a child?

I loved the "Anne" books by Lucy Maude Montgomery. I still have the original set of paperbacks that an aunt gave me as a gift one Christmas. They are old friends and never fail to take me back to a happier, gentler time of my life.

- What is your best quality? Your worst?

This is kind of a difficult one for me to answer because I could choose from a variety of things that I value/dislike equally.

I am a giving sort of person and think that being generous with my time, talents, and abilities is one of my better aspects that is balanced by the sense that you can't give everything away to everyone because some people need to work for and pay for what you have in order for it to be of any value to them.

One of my worst qualities is my quick temper. I sometimes find it easy to take offense with others, but thankfully have learned better self control and am less likely to shoot my mouth off than I was in years before. Things would likely go more smoothly in my home if I could get a grip on this one besetting sin.

- Do you plan your meals or choose what sounds good that day?

It depends on how organized I am any given day or week. I like to be organized about it to the extent that my grocery shopping is based on a definite menu for the coming week, but it doesn't always happen that way.

If I happen to have a client booked for the day, I try to get preliminary food preparation done ahead of time, or else make something that fixes up fast like a main course salad. Other days I may be more loosey goosey, but still have a general idea of what I will be making. The best days are when I make sufficient quantities of something that will do for two meals, thus eliminating any thinking I have to do about food on the next day.

- If you could distill your philosophy of life down to one paragraph, what would you say?

My philosophy of life has changed over the years. When I was young and full of zeal, but not according to knowledge, I was much more hardline, cut and dried, black and white, and obnoxious about it. God's providences and life have a way of smacking you around and knocking a lot of youthful pomposity out of one.

Now I would describe my philosophy of life as one of standing firm in the things that are of a morally unalterable nature and praying that I would have the wisdom to recognize and give latitude to the areas of life that are morally indifferent and live and let live in them. Do as you would be done by and give people the benefit of the doubt wherever possible.

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