Thursday, February 17, 2005

Things that Make a Housewife's Heart go Pitterpat

Sometimes you really do find something that is almost too good to be true, but then turns out to be really as good as it is represented. Today I found one of those things: a non-toxic cleaner that kids can eat with safety, but yet will clean just about anything including grease, ink stains, crayons, markers, etc.

I was busy minding my own business at Costco today, just getting groceries for the tribe when I was attracted to a demonstration booth. This guy was demonstrating a sort of white substance that looks like shortening in a large tub. It is made from some kind of a seaweed, and a little dab will do ya. One tablespoon melted and added to a gallon of water makes a solution that is good for cleaning windows, counters, and light cleaning. It costs 25 cents at that dilution. For heavy-duty cleaning, like carpets, linoleum, wood floors, shower stalls, hard water stains, etc, you melt 2/3 cup in a gallon of water and can dilute it down further. You can use it straight on ovens and eliminate the toxic oven cleaners and still keep your hands from being tortured by harsh chemicals. In fact, you can use it on your hands straight before digging in the garden and it won't hurt your hands while keeping them from getting that ground in look that can last for days.

It is non-allergenic, leaves no residue, keeps the mirrors from fogging in the shower, and its uses are only limited by your own imagination. The price was fairly reasonable too: $49 for a very large tub that will likely last me for a good six months or more, if I use it for everything recommended.

Things that work and are economical make me feel extremely virtuous. Excuse me while I go and polish my halo with it....

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