Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Update on the Grandbaby Situation....

It is 11:25 pm and still no grandbaby and the contractions are still piddling. However baby has moved from - 4 to -2 station and there is a bit more dilatation happening. I am home now and intend to go to bed, but I expect that I shall get called out in the early hours of the morning. Trista and I did some de-stressing exercises, accupressure, and energy balancing today and she is feeling a lot better emotionally and physically. It could be that this will help things to finally kick over for her as the midwife seemed to think that the stress was holding things up for her. I hope so. Waiting is hard on everyone, especially Trista.

The hormonal influences of laboring women on other women are quite strong. I am nearly 22 weeks along, but it was so easy to get into the birthing mode that it almost felt like I was the one who was preparing to give birth. Most people don't know this, but being around a laboring woman can either cause other women working with them to ovulate or bring their menses on earlier than expected.

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