Monday, February 07, 2005

Pregnant Obsessions

My house is in turmoil.

I think the pregnant condition I am in has affected my brain or activated my deep cleaning gene or something. At any rate, I have been turning out closets, cleaning out drawers and re-organizing and cleaning things in a most thorough way. In short -- I am having fun.

However, my house looks like a tsunami, earthquake, and tornado has hit simultaneously. Unfortunately, things have a tendency to look worse before they look better when you do this sort of thing. This is a bit problematical when you are trying to see clients in the afternoon, and homeschool around the debris. I just get going nicely in digging out a particularly nasty corner of some room then I have to stop and clean things up in a frantic way so that no one turns me in to the public health department.

Schoolwork languishes waiting for correction. (bah! let it languish!) And yet, I can't bring myself to feel guilty about this because I am a professional housewife and doing housework is my work! I have been de-cluttering my office in preparation for removing one of the two desks that is in there. I steamcleaned the carpet this weekend, and cleaned out all the drawers and re-organized them. The top of the desk is dramatically clear of all the upright files that housed things I haven't looked at in a year or more and likely never will. I have a new cart on wheels with lots of drawers that contains my neatly organized herbal remedies and supplements that I use in my practice and it looks so, hmmm, organized and like I know what I am doing. The top of the cart has a large enough space for placing my books and writing my notes and I am just thrilled with it though I wish it was a bit more sturdy in construction. I am toying with the idea of repainting the office this weekend, but think it might be an impossibility looking at my schedule for this week.

In spite of the cleaning frenzy, I am hoping that this coming week will be a little less frenzied than last week was. In addition to the several days of birthing related activities surrounding my most adorable grandson, I ended up doing some business related stuff with Mannatech that lasted late into the evening on Friday and then had to get up really early Saturday morning because one of my younger daughters had fallen out of the pig pen (the literal pig pen in our back yard) and broken her wrist and needed to have it casted. I am still trying to catch up on my rest from all of that.

Anyhow, I hear the laundry calling my name and I need to get it going and set the kids to work on their schoolwork. Maybe I'll even correct some of it today.

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