Saturday, February 26, 2005

Sub-Cultures, Christian or Otherwise

Samantha posted a wonderful post today on her blog that really resonated with me. You should go there are read it.

Sometimes I think one of the reasons that there can be difficulties between brothers and sisters in the Church is because we may be tempted to think that our own particular subculture is the standard for holiness and visible Christian living. Thus, people who prefer the short hair, clean cut, suited men and women with dresses only/jumpers, long hair in a bun may have difficulty understanding how someone who prefers Birkenstocks, hemp jewelry, and bohemian clothing could still be a Christian and look like that.

The differences extend beyond superficial looks to personality types, parenting styles, and even ethnic backgrounds. These sort of things challenge our spiritual maturity because it is far harder to accept the brothers and sisters who differ from us in their style of doing things than it is to accept those who are just like us.

As a matter of interest, it isn't just the upright, clean-cut folks who have a problem with judgementalism and prejudice. One of the reality shows that I watch with some regularity is Wife Swap. It is really eye opening to see how judgemental and nasty some of the laid back bohemian types are when confronted with a more orderly manner of doing things.

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