Monday, June 27, 2005

Book Finds

Today I had to drive Ben into town to take his provincial science exam. During the two hours he was writing the exam, I went and bought myself a few crochet hooks. Then James decided a snack was in order so out to the car I went to feed him and change his enormously poopy diaper. I don't know where he puts it all, but it poured forth like yellow lava from the diaper and through his sleeper.

When I finished cleaning up the mess I still had over an hour to kill before needing to get Ben. So I drove to a thrift store I don't usually patronize and proceeded to splurge $3.50 on books. I came home with:

The Complete Father Brown Treasury by G. K. Chesterton
The Count of Monte Cristo by Dumas (which weighs about 5 lbs.!)
A boxed set of the last three "Anne" books by Lucy Maud Montgomery (so my girls can have their own copies)
A complete Glycemic Index in paperback
The American Way of Birth by Jessica Mitford

Don't ask me where I am going to put these treasures as my shelves are already overflowing!


Cheryl said...

testing 1,2,3

j3® ® y said...

I love finding books, especially for that cheap. One of life's great pleasures, imo.

Leah said...

I have the Complete Father Brown as well, and it is certainly a delightful read. Chesterton does make the occasional slam against Protestantism which always gets me hissing though. ;)

Carol said...

You've been tagged AGAIN *grin*! Don't feel you have to participate! I can only imagine how busy you are!

brother john said...

I don't have any Father Brown books, but I do have a small collection of books about the antics of his son, Charlie and his whacky dog Snoopy and some of the neighborhood kids.