Friday, June 24, 2005

Counting, 1... 2... 3...

When a computer problem hit the server which hosted my blog counter which recorded the number of hits I get each day, I took the opportunity to ditch the counter. You will also notice that only a very few of my comments have numbers attached to them as well. I have no idea why that is. In the beginning when the comment thingy was set up, it faithfully counted the number of comments people left in the comments section of each post. Now it does it intermittently and not very accurately. Again, I have no idea why, not being an html savvy person. People who don't bother to ever comment may not realize that there can be a number of comments on a given post, which is not reflected by a number in front of "comment" attached to that post.

I've decided not to try fixing the problem. This is not laziness. This is because I discovered that I had a problem with "numbers envy." I would read the blogs of some people and see the amount of hits they were getting and the large volume of comments left on their posts and think, "how come this person gets so many hits and comments compared to me?" And I would sulk.

As Judy Rogers reminds us in the song, Isabelle is a Pig, "a pretty little girl who likes to pout, looks like Izzy with a ring in her snout. All the buttons and bows and (something) and lace, don't look pretty with a grumpy face." Or words to that effect. I assume that if little girls who pout look ugly, then sulking middle-aged women look worse. The way I look is of less consideration in this though than the fact that it reveals a small but ugly sin that needs rooting out.

I never have liked math and numbers. And now I have one more reason for it.

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