Monday, June 06, 2005

Pregnancy Doldrums and Miscellaneous Thoughts

Now comes the hard part -- not giving birth, but waiting for labor to kick in.

The last of the supplies (diapers) was bought today, my bed has a vinyl tablecloth crackling under the fitted sheet to protect the mattress, my house is relatively clean, meals made ahead (with thanks to my friend Milly who ably assisted me the other day), homeschool work in folders waiting to be mailed off tomorrow, and nothing left to do. Even my kitchen cupboards are clean and the laundry is all caught up. I have probably jinxed myself into three more weeks of pregnancy by being prepared.

I would like to spend the next few days in a warm swimming pool to relieve the weight of gravity off my tired bones.

I would like to sleep as much and as long as possible and not wake up until I am in labor.

Paradoxically, I feel both ugly and ungainly because of my expanded girth, and at the same time incredibly beautiful because of the ripeness of rounded fertility. It is uncomfortable to lug around and usually arrives places several seconds ahead of the rest of me, but I shall miss my belly when it is gone.

Perhaps tomorrow would be a good time to start a crocheted baby blanket.

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