Thursday, June 09, 2005

Doggone Again

Well another dog is gone, but this time it was with assitance. Cyrus, the puppy we obtained last winter made a last and final trip to the vet, thanks to a kind aquaintance yesterday who offered to transport him and take him in.

Cyrus, though only 8 months old, was huge and promised to get huger. He was also a fairly submissive dog. However, the other day when my five year old Babesy Boy was outside playing, he fell to the ground and Cyrus bit his arm and drew blood. We don't know if he was just playing or if it triggered his predation instinct, but in any case, I am not taking chances. I have zero tolerance for biting dogs. Cyrus can now play with Cerebus in that Doggie Home in the Ground.

I think my rather utilitarian views of animals has influenced the children because none of them appear to be upset. Plus, they still have that goof of a dog, Bernie, our Chesapeake to occupy them and they were busy throwing a ball for him yesterday.

If it weren't for the bears and the need to protect the children, I wouldn't have a dog at all. I don't have the time it takes to train and look after them in the way they need. Cats are my animal of choice. You don't need to train them very much, they take a lot less care, but they aren't very good at scaring away black bears. So, while I have little people around, I'll endure a dog, as long as I can trust it not to turn on my babes.

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