Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Logical End Point of Religious Toleration

St.Lukewarm of Laodicea, Martyr

"St. Lukewarm was a magistrate in the city of Laodicea under Claudius (Emp. A.D. 41-54). He was so broadminded as to offer asylum and patronage to every kind of religious cult, however unorthodox or repulsive, saying in answer to all remonstrances: 'There is always some truth in everything.' This liberality earned for him the surname of 'The Tolerator'. At length he fell into the hands of a sect of Anthropophagi (for whom he had erected a sacred kitchen and cooking stove with appropriate ceremonies. By miraculous intervention, however, the water continually went off the boil; and when he was finally served up, his flesh was found to be so tough and tasteless that the Chief Antrhopophagi spat out the unpalatable morsel, exclaiming, 'Tolerator non tolerandus!' (A garbled Christian version of this legend is preserved in Revelation 3:16.) St. Lukewarm is the patron saint of railway caterers and is usually depicted holding a cooking pot."

Dorothy Sayers

I couldn't have said it better myself.

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