Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Eleven Weeks and Counting...

...before baby comes, that is, give or take a few weeks. I was looking over my appointment book the other day and have decided to make May 31 the last day I will be taking appointments in my practice. I also intend to make it the last day of school with the Littles. This will give me nine days before my due date to deep clean a number of places in the house, get baby clothes ready and maybe freeze a few meals ahead of time.

By Friday of this week I will have seen four clients. Doesn't sound like much, but it is on top of everything else and I am looking forward to having some time away from all of this. In some respects, I wish I could slow down now. I am getting quite large all of a sudden and some people think I look due already. Yesterday I went to Wal Mart with the intention of buying some maternity clothes. Do you know, I couldn't find a single dress, maternity or otherwise??? I guess dresses are now only found in the more expensive up-scale clothing stores or else you have to make them yourself. As for maternity wear, there was very little available. I think both of these facts together say that childbearing isn't that important or doens't form a big enough part of the economy and dresses are passe.

I ended up buying a pair of scrubs draw string pants and a matching shirt with a coordinating patterned jacket to wear over the top. They are in extra large size and should accomodate my growing girth to the end of the pregnancy. They look clean and neat, and make me look professional when I work on people, though I intend to wear them when I am out and about too.
I just wish there were some maternity dresses I could wear. I am reaching the stage where I hate the restricted feeling of clothing and something loose and flowing would feel a lot better.

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