Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A Typical Eldest Child?

"Cheryl, your position as eldest child shows most strongly in your

Similar to
other eldest children, you are probably more successful than your peers. You
likely have a good education and have achieved a great deal professionally.
Being the eldest child in your family made it natural for you to go for what
you wanted, often with a competitive edge. You tend to be a practical person
who is fairly open to constructive feedback. You continually seek ways to
accomplish your goals more efficiently. "

This is from a test on how to determine how your birth order affects your personality.

I would say that assessment of me is fairly accurate.

I learned something new about one of my boys today. He takes after me in his preferred method of doing something: in other words, one thing at a time. He remarked to my next door neighbor the other day that he just likes working on one school subject at a time and finishing it up before moving on to something else and that it is frustrating to have to try and do too many subjects at the same time. She said that as soon as he said that, it reminded her of me and my preferred method of homeschooling.

Birth order can be an interesting subject, but I question how accurate it can be. I know some people who are atypical for their birth order. My mom, for instance, is the sort of person I think of as being a typical first child: she is extremely organized, orderly, goal oriented, and successful in achieving her goals. But she is actually the third born in her family. My friend, Willena, is a first born child, but would rather tell goals to take a flying leap while she stops to smell the roses.

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